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Design of the human body and systems Is the human animal " designed " to eat other animals? I think not, but this is my opinion, which varies from the opinions of many. Does the widespread unwillingness to eat meat " raw " mean that we are not designed to consume and digest animals"? If the human animal had not discovered the tool we call fire and adapted it to cooking other animals for storage and consumption, how would our diets, energy levels, intelligence, connection to the natural world, health and longetivity, and spirituality be different? I think that our use of fire to cook food has significantly affected all of the above.

I am writing a paper on this subject, and I am literally circling the globe researching this and other related subjects during 1998. I am new to the raw diet, after having spent approximately 8 years on what I call a " vegan for health " diet, as opposed to vegan for ethical, reasons. I found the vegan world was a good transition for me, but most vegans are only in marginally better shape than flesh eaters.

I found most vegans were not comfortable with the issues I feel are very simple, and I have found so far that raw (or Live, as I call myself) people are generally very well educated about theirs and other human body systems. I am learning to live by example. I am a long distance bike rider and a mountain climber, and this seems a better way to show the ideas than talking about them. I have a quest to learn more about all human systems, especially spiritual conenctions, by beginning my first trip around the world. I will visit the Himalayas within Tibet, Nepal, China, and India, where I hope to learn about breathing, meditation, digestion, holistic healing, yoga, live foods, and whatever the universe has in store for me.

I expect to start with a visit to New Zealand and Australia, then on to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Tukey, and parts of Eastern Europe before heading back to parts of S. America, in order to visit parts of the Andes and Amazon I have not yet seen, and learn more from those who eat from the plants near them and their ancestors. I invite comments about any and all of the above. In short, what place does fire have in our dietary evolution?

Robert J. Brabenec

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