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Is there such thing as an optimal Diet? A one Size fits all? Possibly. We know that the SAD way is not working, so it is good that we are looking for change. But Can we say what works for Christopher, will do well for Brent? I did the Raw meat thing, and ended up with Parasites. Took me a long time to get rid of Fish Tape Worm, but I did it - The energy drain and the weariness that I experienced was unbelievable, it virtually wiped me out emotionally, physically and spiritually. It took over three years of using bitter herbs, Clay, Aloe, and a Colema Board combined with laying off of meat and eating foods full of light and life to rebuild my vibration level and get rid of the parasites that lived in the dark recesses my flesh made up of lower light and vibration.

I gathered some of the slimy SOBs from my toilet and put them in a bottle of Alcohol solution. Every time I look at them, It reminds me that Raw meat may have a few Draw backs. Zephyr (spelling) a famous instincto lost his health from Parasites (from eating Raw Mongoose?).

I am not saying Raw meat does not work for some people, but for me it was not the way. Perhaps my stomach Acids were not strong enough? Maybe that is why the Japanese drink bitter drinks (like Ocha) and eat hot bitter strong pastes (like wasabe) to purge and destroy the parasites and eggs in the raw meat (fish and beef). Through suffering, I was forced on the path to get my health back and look good! But after time, I realized that I was changing- I was refining my nature- becoming (in my paradign) a better human being and I had a greater desire to be at peace with god, nature, and the world. More spiritual? Tree hugger? Animal Lover? Possibly.

I have always struggled with Anger. When I gave up meat and Dairy, and started on the raw food Path, My wife and I noticed how our Anger started to dissipate. I recently came across an article that possibly explains why this happened: "High Protein Intake Lowers Serotonin Production and Increases Violence and Aggression The human body makes use of certain amino acids found in the diet and converts them to specific neurotransmitters. Three primary amino acids in the diet that are important are tyrosine, lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) and tryptophan. The conversion sequences are as follows: Tyrosine -> Dopa -> Dopamine -> Norepinephrine -> Epinephrine Lecithin -> Choline -> Choline Acetyltransferase -> Acetylcholine -> Cholinesterase Tryptophan ->Tryptophan Hydroxylase -> 5-Hydroxytryptophan -> Serotonin Serotonin is an important substance that inhibits aggression and violence. Most proteins encouraged in the diet contain amino acids other than tryptophan.

A high protein meal reduces the plasma ratio of tryptophan to the competing amino acids, and less tryptophan is carried across the blood-brain barrier to the neurons. This fact has socially developed to where those who have a high protein diet (meat, dairy, eggs) are more aggressive. Thus, the high protein diet is encouraged in various sports. Some years ago, a chemical company that made pure tryptophan for inclusion into over-the-counter tablets manufactured a contaminated lot, resulting in the death of several people. The FDA used this as an excuse to ban Tryptophan for sale to the public, removing an important modulator of aggression from public use. This had to be a set-up, because there are scores of other things out there that kill people every day and the FDA ignores them" In my health food store, the number #1 products that I sell are 5htp (Tryptophan), St. Johns Wort and Kava Kava- all of these products aid in increasing Serotonin to the brain, which helps customers sleep, calm down, and pull them out of depression. Parents come in with their Children who are ADD or ADHD and buy the store out. Adults come in who are Angry, and stressed, and Depressed and who can not sleep at night (I understand, because I used to be a chronic Insomniac).

Dr. Gabrielle Cousins says that the Warrior diet full Meat, Dairy, and High Protein gives the warriors the blood lust and aggressiveness need to do battle. The Spiritual diet is Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Sprouts, which calm the body and the mind. It would not do well for warriors to have a calm demeanor on the battle field. So I go back to the question what is an optimal diet? Perhaps it Depends on where you are coming from and where you are going and what you want to accomplish? What is the optimal life style? Depends. Stick 100 people in a room and you will get 100 different answers. The older I get (I am in my 30's), the more inclined I am to preface everything I write with Perhaps or Possibly- Because the older I get, the more I realize how little I know about the cosmos and the mysteries of God and Nature.

I am humbled by it. It is so tempting to want to be an expert and feel like I know it all, but what a burden that can be- having to be right all the time. The test for truth for me follows a little algorithm. When I hear something or read something, it will ring true in my heart. It is not an intellectual thing mind you, I can not measure it or chart it or scientifically prove it- It is just a feeling or a ringing of truth. Then I put it to the test to see if my ringing has any validity and to see if this possible truth gives me good results. I try the truth out and if it gives me good results then I accept (intellectually and in my heart) as truth for me.

The temptation is that sometimes I want to persuade others that it is truth for them when they are in fact going on another path that is quite different from mine. Why would I want to persuade a person who wants to be a warrior to eat a spiritual diet? My friend has a son who is a Ranger in the Army and has been trying to talk to his son about his diet of live foods- I do not think that it was well received by his son, who is in an aggressive role- a warrior. The truth for me is that I have not felt this good since I was a kid (mentally, physically and spiritually)- Raw Fruits and Greens (green drinks) with some Sprouts and Fasting has been miraculous for me. Will it be miraculous for others? Perhaps not. Sounds like Christopher lost his hair and had a bad experience with the raw fruits and veggies. So perhaps he has found what is right for him- And possibly he has found Like minded individuals that can support him in his efforts. FWIW brent.

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