Caroline Eller

Last Updated:12 June 1999
Created on Tue, 11 May 1999

I have been on the list for about 3 weeks, and really look forward to reading all the posts when I get home from work each night.They really encourage and inspire me. I have been eating about 50% raw so far, trying to work up to at least 80-85%. I work in a luxury retirement community, where there is food every where, so I have been battling temptation, but I think I am winning the battle. I have eaten raw before for about a year, well I was eating 85-90% raw, but I really felt the best in my life. Then Christmas hit me and I went downhill. It is harder for me this time to give up my cooked food. I am eating fruit in the morning, and for lunch, but after lunch is when I have my problems. I am drinking lots of water, and trying to get back into my carrot juice, we have a Champion juicer.

I was wondering if some of the committed raw foodists would share what they might eat for a typical day. That would really help me. And I have a rebounder and have been doing an aerobic video for rebounders and want to know if anyone knows of any other rebounder videos out there, so that I won't get bored. I really like the rebounder. It's the funnest exercise I have found. My husband and I also walk about 2 miles most nights. He is pretty much a vegetarian, but is not really interested in going raw right now. This makes it a little more tricky. Does anyone else face this? Thanks in advance for replies to my questions.

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