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Created on Sat, 05 May 2001

Greetings Everyone

My name is Chakra, I have been reading the digest for awhile, and want to share, and introduce myself. I have been a vegetarian since 1973, and a health conscious one for going on 20 yrs. Many of those years were vegan (including extensive travel time and pregnancy, home birth & 3 yrs. of nursing our now almost 10 yr. old son)

We have been experimenting with Live Foods on and off during these last 20 yrs, We even had a sprouting business back in the 80's! Though I always integrated a lot of Live Foods, a la Anne Wigmore into our food plan, It wasn't till a friend showed me Juliano's RAW The Uncook Book, that I truly felt inspired to evolve myself to the next level. I have been Raw for a year now, stable for the most part, and supporting my husband in his 90% plan, and my son at around 75%. For me, eating raw food is only a piece in what I consider important in having a whole, healthy integrated life. We are into transformation and healing work, eating raw supports our consciousness, and keeps us clearer to keep responding appropriately in all the dimensions of our lives.

I want to share one thing with Risa, and Maureen that might be helpful for your breast cancer. First I will mention that I agree with both Nomi, and Neil fully in their responses. I too support you both in allowing a more realistic time frame to heal your bodies. You need to be willing to do the full process , with 100% commitment and that requires linear time! One suggestion I would like to add concerns an all herbal compound that I have been reading about, and researched this week. I will be purchasing it for our food co-op, and feel really good about the potential. It is called Compound X and is a powerful detoxifier, used both internally and externally, known for its deep capacity to digest tumors, growth and fungus. I have heard some awesome successes stories! The info. can be found at Their phone # is 1(800) 320-4884 It is hand made, for many generations by Native American Indians, in Nevada. The nutritional consultant that answers the phones name is Robert Roy, he was extremely generous with his time and info. and honors the raw food plan. I originally heard about this compound from a long time Tucson herbalist who has also seen miraculous healings of growths and cancers through its use. Please let him know I suggested it, I told him I would spread the word, and I am curious as to people's results.

Personally I would only consider it in conjunction with an entire healing protocol as Nomi suggested.
Best Wishes to all, Thanks for being there!!

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