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This is my first post after a week or so of lurking. I have to admit I am more of a 'lurker' than a 'poster' because I am traveling full time and I can't always check my email regularly. By the time I read the lists all the threads are almost 'old news' for everyone else....

Anyway, Howdy folks my name is Dan. I discovered the whole live/raw scene about 4-5 years ago and it has been an adventure to be sure. I still struggle with my years of SAD eating habits but I feel a zillion times better than I did when I had ulcers at 24. Last year I came across Natural Hygiene and it rings with a certain natural truth that I sense intuitively.

My big problem is my lack of discipline. I mean big time. I am so lazy that sometimes I wont even think of eating until I am suddenly overwhelmed by hunger pains. I know some overeaters wish they had that kind of problem but believe me you dont! When I do 'overeat' it is usually the good foods but I still indulge in cooked foods(pastas, and even fish once in a while. {No I dont think its a good idea I'm just sharing my story as truthful as I can}

So, I find I really stay on the program best when I am at a retreat center that caters to the livefood/natural hygiene principles. I wanted to get a workexchange deal at one of the retreats but I couldn't decide which one. Then I came up with another idea. Why not visit all the best retreats and then decide which one I liked best. The result is a dream come true for me.

I am currently travelling the country in a motorhome named Buddhamoose and taking my time as I visit as many alternative health retreats, hot springs and occaisional tourist traps as I can. I've been reviewing my travels in a free email newsletter and this is where I need your help!!!

Do you think it is bogus for someone who does not stick to the program 100% to be reviewing these places? Whoops, let me make that clearer. I DO stick to the program of the retreat while I am there, it is when I leave and go off by myself that I backslide! I try to be as honest as I possibly can in my newsletter and will soon go into more detail about myself( I've only put out 7 issues so far).

My second question is a request for travel suggestions. I am currently in the Florida Keys. I'll be reviewing Rita Romano's Dining In The Raw Creative Kitchen in Key West and I hope to meet Dr Douglas Graham for an afternoon atleast. I was at Esser's Ranch(my favorite so far I'll probably go back on my way out of Fla.) and Hallelujah Acres and my first foray into NH was with Anna-Inez Matus in PA. I was hoping to see Viktoras when I pass thru Arkansas but who knows what he'll be up to. In Texas I hope to see Gregory Haag and stay at his "Rest of your Life" retreat. I know about Tree Of Life in Arizona and I will most certainly be at the IBS seminar in Nelson BC in August. WHAT AM I MISSING??? I am sure there are many other places I am unaware of that would be excellent stops on the trip and I would appreciate your help in finding these places. I'd love to get some feedback from experienced 'hygienic travelers' too!

I don't have anything to sell you at my website so check it out risk free! www.buddhamoose.com You can order free back issues on the "On The Loose" page and I promise I'll be adding rawtimes to the link page soon!

Thanks for your help and support. I hope I can help by providing information about the varius retreats I've visited as well.


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