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I'm 54. To the best of my knowledge I've never had AIDS, however I only took a t-cell test once, in 1993. At the time I was suffering from shingles and my t-cell count was close to 600. (Considered normal.) If I were to test today they might be under 200, which I would consider very healthy, but the CDC defines that as full-blown AIDS. My health is excellent. I'm probably in better shape than most people half my age, which most of my friends are! People guess my age as 10-20 years less. The only harassment I've encountered has been from the Gay Men's Health Crisis, which cost me my employment. For a while I was getting threatening and harrassing phonecalls at all hours of the night and day. I've probably been "HIV+" for longer than anyone else on the quilt. I was first tested and diagnosed a little over ten years ago, but, as I was not really involved in high-risk behavior, I credit my "infection" to the US Public Health Service and two specific vaccines which have been shown to cause positive test results. The first was the live vaccine given in the first double blind polio vaccine studies in 1954, which would make me poz for 44 years! I guess the virus was really slow back then. (Dr. Ho wasn't even born yet.) Sure wish I could find a lawyer who would help me sue the bastards that gave me this thing. I learned about alternative health information before I ever heard about "AIDS." I actually thought I had found the cure -- when I still believed it was a viral disease -- but found that if it wasn't a drug, none of the "AIDS" organizations were interested in knowing about it, until someone pointed me to HEAL. They were interested in my immune boosting discovery and I was fascinated by what I saw -- people doing all sorts of things to survive. About the only thing they all had in common was that they had fired their doctors. What's my life like now? Before the diagnosis I had a great life, great job and money in the bank. The diagnosis was a turning point in my life. It put me into a long decline into debt and depression, but it also redirected my life to focus on sharing the "secrets" of health and some other amazing discoveries I've made and now I'm "bouncing back" as we like to say. I started two cable shows that are now in their fifth year. And now I am opening a "non-cafe," where people can come and learn the truth about a lot of things and get healthy at the same time -- kind of a healthy hangout. Anyone wanting to know more about me and my amazing discoveries is invited to check out my web site. It could sure use the touch of an HTML meister, but the info is what's most important. Check out Edward's Discovery Page at http://members.aol.com/helthbound. If you'd like to see more of me than the attached photo shows, your picture gets mine.

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