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Last Updated:Sunday, October 08, 2000

Created on Sunday, October 08, 2000

I think it is a great idea to see snaps of the tribe..I am happy to send a snap ..If you want to do something with it feel free.. Now a little about myself..

I live in Perth, Western Australia and am a student in Naturopathy. I want to expand my knowledge in alternate medicine and Natural hygiene , and love it and live it and pass my knowledge on to others... I take holidays that will give me an enlightenment in some spiritual way , and try throughout the year to be on that path and keep a happy healthy attitude.

The raw food site gives me a wonderful interests and its great to know that there are like minded people who are concerned for health , not only there own but of others and a concern for this wonderful planet we are part of. Cheers

Created on Wed, 16 Jun 1999

U Hi to everyone, i have been on raw foods for 2 months now, I,d like to thank every one that sent back information on collordial minerals, I appreciated it very much. I apologize to GMCoffey for posting direct, i am slowing learning how this site works, Being in Australia I wake up each morning and look forward to switching on my computer to read all your emails, thanks guys, this is a great site, and I think you are all great people.

My raw diet is going great, there is too many positives for me to ever go back to cooked foods, i have not had this much energy since i was in my 20,s. now that i am 40 , i am looking forward to good health and lots of energy and positive vibes. I do have a small concern , i am experiencing tingling in my feet, i know this is a lacking of something, but what? Thats the question, does anyone know.

Can anyone answer me what is the best way to get vitamin B12, I know it is in Spirilina, can anyone say if this product is good or not so good to add to my diet. Thanks again to everyone, I think you are all pretty awesome. Erica Kucera

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