Gerry MCoffey

Last Updated:16 Jun 1999
Created on Sun, Jan 11, 1998

I went through a life-threatening health problem and stumbled on to fasting and Natural Hygiene. The end result was I went on 3, water-only fasts. The first for 7 days. The second, some months later for 20 days. The third for a total of 34 days during which I came close to death, not because of the fast but the disease. Two physicians recommended I go to an acute care hospital immediately as my death appeared imminent. I determined if I were going to die I'd prefer it to be where I was getting TLC rather than an impersonal hospital where I'd be jerked around and filled full of poisonous anti-biotics and be separated from my loved ones when I needed them most. Surprise. After several days of intense fever and hovering near death, the fever broke and I started refeeding with raw juices. I ate raw for a total of 1 year, a New Year's Eve promise to myself that it took me many years to develop into the diseased person I was, that I would devote at least one year of eating raw to se! e if it would heal my problem. The trick turned out to be learning that eating all raw, without discrimination, could also be harmful, and was. I had to learn to eat what my body would tolerate to become well. After the fast, during which all my organs got revitalized and other serious things were healed, within 3 months of eating that which was suitable to my body, the life-threatening cyst the size of a cantaloupe was completely resolved. That was about 6 or 8 years ago. Now I teach other people how to get healthy without drugs or surgery.

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