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Created on Wed, 18 Apr 2001

Yeah, I have had extensive testing, 4 MRI's, 2 sets of CAT scans, heaps of x-rays (I glow in the dark), a couple of nuclear bone scans (glowing even more), and the muscle spasm is well localized over the injury so we know where the main problem is. The four MRI's all show the same multiple disk degeneration's and disk herniations pressing into the spinal cord and nerves. Plus other stuff going on as well. But it doesn't show explicitly why T10 is giving worse pain than the other levels, the consensus seems to be probably some joint injury as well.

You all will probably shudder when you read of all the radiation my body has been exposed to. I shudder too. Yet, if I can get over this back injury I have utmost confidence that a regime of cyclic fasting and eating raw foods, like (Arnold Ehret advised) would reverse all damage done to my cells and progressively build my level of health up to where it should be. But, if this back injury doesn't get better, scary scary, for then the forces of destruction will have triumphed and are greater than I can handle, and one way or another I am going down. I've experienced this battle going on inside my body between the destructive forces and the life-giving forces for 14 years now, a raging sickening ruthless brutal battle and both sides are REAL strong, and both sides don't let go... every inch of ground is fought for ruthlessly and agonizingly, so I am stuck in the middle with opposing forces raging away inside my body, high tension drama and really I'm getting weary and tired of it. It is like being at bursting point continuously non stop. I only have two choices, to keep on going and aim for that precious healing, or give up and exit this world. I don't particularly like either choice, but the first is slightly better than the latter, so I keep going.

So I do lots of yoga and back stretches to try to loosen the joints and free them up and try to eat the foods that best make me healthy and help to loosen the muscle spasm and I keep searching for other ways to help myself. But despite my efforts and doing virtually all available treatments, nothing has really helped.

So in regards to all this, I've wanted to tell of my experiences and of my conviction that it is possible for a healthy person to learn to do miraculous healing. Even if I don't make it, I would be happy if you all make it and become good healers. Currently I cannot progress along those lines because the pain is a real barrier and the negative forces generated by the pain prevent me from doing the long fasting and the deep meditation and the out-of-body experiences and thus prevents me from exploring the non-physical world and ultimately from learning how to control physical matter via non-physical means.

I've gone as far as doing the out-of-body experiences, I know how to leave my body and function in non-physical body, I know how to purify my body so that I can 'see' heaven on this earth, I know how to do deep meditation, thus I am all set to begin exploring the non-physical worlds and learn about the forces that control physical matter and hopefully learn to do (so called) miraculous healing, but at this point I am totally blocked and crippled because of the pain. Weird situation eh, so close yet so far away, so much to gain and also so much to lose.

My conviction is, I am no different to anyone else here on this list. The only difference may be I've put the necessary hours to achieve what I set out to achieve. I put in two years of constant work to learn how to do out-of-body experiences. I put in heaps and heaps of hours doing short fasts and juice fasts alternated with raw diet and my reward was to have a pure body that was sensitive and receptive to the more subtle and beautiful forces in life. I've done done long hours of meditiation too. I've done all those things and worked at them, because I wanted more than anything else in life to truly 'see' and thus to be truly free. IE If you can't 'see' your freedom, then it is absolutely assured you won't 'have' your freedom. So I set my mind to learning how to 'see' and fortunately I can truthfully say I have somewhat succeeded.

And luckily for us, all this is basic stuff. Anyone here can do it. It is inbuilt into each one of us. Arnold Ehret spoke of his spiritual sensitivity from doing his fasting and purifying his body. Leslie Kenton spoke of it in her fasting experiences, and described it as everything "seemed marvelous, the way a colored picture book looks to you when you are still six years old". And that kind of 'seeing' is heavenly, it is 'seeing' with utmost gentleness and innocence where all things speak to you and have their own gentle meaning and life. Do you remember, maybe a bit. Actually it is very very hard (if not impossible) to 'remember' if your body is not pure. Right now at this moment I can honestly say I can barely 'remember', yet it was not so long ago that I actually lived it and 'saw' it and absorbed it and drank it deeply into my being, yet now that my body is impure and dull so my memory is too, and thus I can hardly remember what it was that I 'saw' and the feeling I felt when I 'saw' it.

Anyway, this 'seeing' is readily available to everyone here by doing the fasting and eating the correct raw diet that purifies the body. It is amazing to think we are so close to heaven, maybe 4 months away, maybe 6 months, maybe a year, but no longer than that.

Written: Fri, 20 Apr 2001

I now eat kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, nuts and seeds regularly, carrots and bean sprouts rarely (though I did have some soaked peanuts today), and mushrooms, grains, and dairy never. Though I do have emergency supplies of grain stored and might on rare occasion (or emergency) consider dipping into them.

The altered consciousness I experienced wasn't something that arrived in my life unexpected, on it's own accord, for no apparent reason. It was the exact opposite, it was a very specific and controlled progressive unfoldment that occured during the days, weeks and months of eating a specific raw diet and fasting. It was pretty much just like Arnold Ehrets described, ie you eat fruitarian or predominately fruitarian foods and then do a few days fasting and you feel real blurry headed and crappy in your mood and begin to wonder why on earth you are putting yourself through it all, then suddenly one morning you wake up and notice that blurry headedness and darkness you have been experiencing those past few days has lifted and a new clearer brighter perception had unfolded. Thus you move up one step in terms of perception and quality of consciousness. It progressed exactly like that for me in a step by step fashion.

Every few days, I would notice new (though often subtle) improvement in my perceptions, like unknown inner doors opening up revealing new and subtle aspects of life that were previously hidden from me. Bit by bit by bit these doors of perception opened up and progressively stayed open, thus my consciousness underwent a gradual yet profound step by step transition. Eventually those subtle alterations in my perception became stronger and more tangible, eventually turning into unshakable, unchangeable ways of 'seeing' and 'feeling' that stayed with me firmly, deeply and irrevocably. Eventually it got to the stage where i couldn't 'see' any less even if I wanted to.

(Thus step by step I arrived at the stage where I was deeply and fundamentally changed. If it were not for the back pain, I could have kept a written account of the process of transition. Could have written down in detail each newly opening door of perception and described the character of it etc etc. It was all very gradual and progressive, eventually leading up to a complete radical change).

Also, from what I observed, there was no limit to how far I could go, there were always new doors that would open, there was no limit where I could say, "I've come to the end of the road, it doesn't get any better than this". Not at all, I found the body was oh so willing to keep improving in sensitivity and clarity of perception and open up it's field of consciousness and this readiness of my body/consciousness to unfold seemed to me to be a fundamental truth of life, ie that is the very purpose for us humans whilst we are here on this earth. We are not supposed to hit a brick wall at the age of 5, or 15, or 25, or 45 years of age and go no further like has occurred for most of humanity throughout recorded history. We are supposed to be and should be forever increasing our field of consciousness and awareness and always deepening our reach into life and learning about it and embracing it and becoming one with it.

It seemed to me, that the body is inherently designed to always have and retain the ability to regenerate, refine and increase it's sensitivity of perception and consciousness. From what I saw, the human body has an inborn yearning, or wish, or irresistible desire to do these self improvements and to refine it's core structures so that it may function with more clarity, more intimacy, more strength and more sensitivity of perceptive. It seems to move in that direction with most ease and with most power.

In my experience, body and consciousness are profoundly and intimately related and dependant, thus I can hardly imagine that same kind of deep progressive renewal and unfolding of consciousness occuring whilst eating a conventional diet.

I would say on average I would notice a subtle yet profound improvement in my perception and consciousness every 2-4 days during the fruitarian and fasting regime. At first I was really terrified that the new consciousness would disappear and i would go back to the old dull perceptions. But fortunately that didn't happen. My next great fear was that I would reach a certain limit where my perceptions and consciousness would fail to progress and unfold any further. Fortunately that also didn't occur. Thus slowly slowly I began to understand that having clear perception and clear consciousness was not a wishy washy, hopefully hopefully, maybe if you're lucky, kind of thing, but was an exact precise effect that occurred when the body changes it's structure and chemistry through eating certain foods and fasting.

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