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My name is Intuit and I am a cooked food addict and specifically a carbohydrate addict. I eat approximately 90% raw foods. I am in recovery from food addiction for the past 8 years and from cooked food addiction for the past 6 years. My top weight was 210 lbs. I am now at 160 lbs. I am sharing my recovery with you in the hopes of finding others with similar issues such as food addiction, bingeing, purging, anorexia that would like to eat mainly raw foods.

Currently, I am working through the first 164 pages of the original book on recovery from addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book) and translating the word alcoholic to cooked food addict. I am quoting one paragraph from the Big Book and then sharing my experience, strength, and hope on the paragraph as it relates to food addiction. Essentially, I am working through the 12 steps on my food issues so I can stay clear and clean from cooked food and specifically carbohydrate addiction. In order to preserver anonymity, I will send this out without identifying who is receiving it. If you would be interested in such an approach of life, send me e-mail directly to

Doctor’s Opinion 3

“I personally know scores of cases who were of the type with whom other methods had failed completely.These facts appear to be of extreme medical importance; because of the extraordinary possibilities of rapid growth inherent in this group they may mark a new epoch in the annals of alcoholism. These men may well have a remedy for thousands of such situations. “

-- I am of the type with whom other methods had failed completely. No matter what I did, I could not stop eating cooked food, especially high carbohydrate foods. It became an obsession with me. Today, I have a solution. I have replaced cooked foods with a 12 step program. I eat mainly living foods. My reason for eating cooked food has gone away. It is important to me to be physically, spiritually, and emotionally fit. It is important to me that I not depend on any one person to meet my needs. The more dependent I become on the source of the universe that is found within, the more independent I become as a functioning being in relating to the world outside of me. Life is sometimes very clear and at other times it is dark and mysterious. Becoming less dependent on individuals and more dependent on the center brings me out of depression and cooked food and into joy and foods that do not cause side effects.

-- Intuit

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