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Created on Tue, 23 Mar 1999

I am very new to this raw food diet. I have abnormally high levels of Mercury in my body (diagnosed through many tests) and feel pretty fatigued and crappy in general (for many, many years). I just completed having all of my mercury amalgam fillings removed. Now, I am eating more raw food each day. I have been averaging about 75% for a few weeks now. I have heard about the "terrors" of detoxification. I found the discussion about herbs that went on in this list very interesting. On Sunday, I went to my health food store and purchased a cleansing program with various herbs to help myself to detoxify faster. I thought, since I'm trying so hard to regain my health, why not help myself along? Made complete sense to me. Well, I took two doses of these herbs yesterday (along with my Honeydo melon breakfast) and by 11:30am, the people in my office wanted to take me to the Emergency Room of my local hospital. I had the shakes and chills so bad that my teeth were chattering and my hands were shaking. I had a portable heater blasting on me, a sweater, a winter coat, and a blanket over me, and still, I was freezing. I insisted that my coworkers just take me home to my bed, which they did. I feel asleep (while they waited downstairs watching over me), and awoke with the chills (fever I guess) gone, and was just left with weakness and a low grade fever. As I attribute this experience to detoxififying too quickly, I am now a firm believer in the possible danger and power of herbs. I, too, used to consider them perfectly harmless. At times during this 2 hour nightmare, I felt like I was going to die- my body was so out of control. I guess this is what drug addicts go through when they go off drugs. What an experience! Peace to All, Ivy P.S. This morning, I have a dull headache. I assume this is part of my detoxification. Am I right? If anyone can share anything about this detoxification process that I will need to go through, I would be very appreciative. It scares me, although I know I need to get to the other side!

Sun, 7 Mar 1999

I joined this list two weeks ago. The instructionssay to post a brief bio so here goes... First, I am excited and hopeful about trying this type of food program. I have had chronic health problems for longer than I can remember. I usually feel like a car that is all set to go, only the "emergency brake" is stuck on. I have many more aspirations than I frequently have energy for. Fatigue, brain fog and constipation are my frequent (and very UNwelcome!) companions. I have lived with them for most of my adult life. (In addition, I have had major problems with periodic bingeing on sweets in particular. I have been in Overeaters Anonymous for years. I never feel "full" and always feel hungry and wanting more!) I look fine and healthy on the outside, but inside, I KNOW that something is wrong. I just completed the removal of all of my mercury amalgam fillings (I had a mouthful!), as various tests showed I had abnormally high levels of mercury in my system. I need to detoxify and get the rest of the mercury out now through medical means, but I instinctively feel that the healthier and stronger I "make" my body, the better it will rebound. Makes sense to me! (In addition, now is NOT the time I can afford to remain constipated and blocked up.) I pulled out my VERY dusty old juicer a few weeks ago (hadn't been used in many years ;-)!) , and started there. Now, I have been juicing 32 oz. of vegetable and fruit juices each day. I am eating more raw foods daily- even made the switch to more organic. I am reading what I can, and finding this list is very exciting to me! I would appreciate any support, pointers or feedback any of you wish to offer. (Personal emails would be very welcome also.) I consider myself to be a "baby" on this journey. I live in central New Jersey. Noone I know eats this way, so knowing that there are "real" people out there (like all of you reading this!) is what makes me feel less alone. Guess that's me in a "nutshell" (very appropros term on this list, right?). A Beginner on this Path,

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