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Last Updated:15 June 1999
Created on Thu, 2 Jul 1998

Hello again all --

I'm sorry if my previous post left any of you bumfuzzled or annoyed. I mistakenly hit the send button way before I was finished with what I had to say. I then typed a lengthy second post in attempt to explain my mistake and to recount my experiences with blood pressure (in response to Gunnar Bryttegard's query about what is too low.) Somehow, I lost that post. In my year of internet experience, I've never had this happen. I'm sorry for the extraneous traffic I've caused.

My point with the blood pressure story was that my blood pressure fell from 115/90 to 90/60 after I stopped eating meat over a year ago. My activity has not increased, nor has the rest of my atrocious diet improved. According to various information I have found, 90/60 is by no means too low. Numbers this low or lower are commonplace in Eastern cultures. It seems to me that American standards are based on American averages, not on what is truly healthy. Now, in light of my eating habits and generally cruddy lifestyle, I in no way regard my blood pressure numbers as healthy just because they happen to be low. But I do find it telling that the elimination of flesh from my diet precipitated such a dramatic decrease in blood pressure. If anyone knows anythng else that could have caused this drop, or if the low pressure could be symptomatic of a problem, I would like very much to hear from you.

I am glad to be on this list (despite my embarrassingly clumsy debut) and I feel privileged to be privy to information straight from raw fooders' mouths. Though my diet is abhorrent, I stand in awe at the splendor of the intricate mechanisms of the human body and at the synchrony of nature. I am exhilerated when I think about the possibilities for change -- in myself and in the world -- that are inherent in a diet of living foods.


Julie Mathis

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