Lexi Scott

Last Updated: Saturday, December 09, 2000
Created on Sun, 03 Dec 2000

Hello, I am Lexi Scott, I live in Lancaster, New Hampshire and have been on a raw diet for a couple months now. I've been slipping recently, though, and am trying to find motivation and inspiration. I am an artist working currently in a fake stained glass medium. I also record my own songs in a home studio with my musician husband. We have a 3 year old daughter and we are all "Indigos". See indigofuture.com for explaination.

I currently believe it is my mission in life to help people get back to nature, back to balance and bliss through diet first off, not only what we put in our mouths, but what we consume all around, sight, sound, etc. We'll be moving back to Washington State at the end of the summer and are looking forward to owning land, our own yurt, home schooling, and/or sending our daughter Sage to a "Freedom School", growing our own food, being artists and musicians and finding our own balance of raw, cooked foods, maybe 100% raw for me.

I have a dream of having a retreat center for nudist/raw/indigo/?/pagan beings. I am boldly stepping onto my path and loving it.

Take care, stay raw, seek balance,
Love Lexi

If you would like to write to Lexi, you may send e-mail to lexi_artist@hotmail.com

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