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Last Updated:Thursday, October 12, 2000
Created on Sat, 7 Oct 2000

My Dear, Highly-Respected Friends,

I recently ran across your site while researching enzyme inhibitors on the net. I immediately felt a sense of kinship as I realized that there are others who believe in the truth as I discovered it two years ago.

I'm a 26-year-old newly married mother of a beautiful daughter, Alexis Starr, who is 2 1/2 years old, raw and unbelievably healthy. I am an ethnomycologist, currently devoting my time to writing a book and educating others about the historical, present and possible future uses of psilocybin mushrooms in the spiritual quests of humankind. I've never been much of a drug user, but when I was approached by a friend a couple of years ago who had experience with "psychedelic" mushrooms, it was impossible for me to let the opportunity to share such an ancient, powerful experience get away from me.

My spiritual journey began on a April Sunday morning, two years ago, and continues to this day. This particular morning, I had spent a couple of hours tidying my home and preparing my mind for the psilocybin experience. I had juice-fasted the day before to cleanse my system (as I thought I could do it in one day back then)and I ingested the two raw, beautiful psilocybin cubensis. Listening to some classical music, I felt the experience coming on slowly, then quicker, and soon my universe was exploding with beautiful organic patterns of energy and information. I began to realize many things at once about the way we as human beings were meant to live.

Interestingly, one of the first realizations I had during these hours was that humans were poisoning themselves by eating processed and cooked food. I wept over this. I realized that presciption drugs were causing disease, not curing it. I realized that people were dead from eating dead food, and I looked out at my neighbors and they looked like corpses. I thought of all the beef and chicken I ate everyday and was amazed that there was life still in me. The psilocybin reminded me what it felt like to be perfect, what it was like to exist in perfect health with an intense amount of balanced energy running through my body and brain. I have had several experiences with these mushrooms since that day, but none were as life-changing as that first time.

I was 90% raw immediately after that day, partaking in breads and cooked seafood now and then. The thought of eating beef, chicken, pork or dairy made me literally sick. I found the change in my psyche to be powerful and incredible.

Today, proudly, I am 100%raw and wouldn't have it any other way. I have realized that to have a healthy mind, we must have a healthy brain, and for that we must have a healthy body. I am so excited to be involved in the raw food community, and I plan to incorporate some wonderful information on raw foodism in my upcoming book, the Reawakening of the Human Mind.

I have a website currently under construction, and when it is finished I will be happy to advertise any raw food materials, books, etc that some of you may have available for the public. I would also like to know you all more deeply, for I know it is impossible to be a raw foodist and not have a powerful connection with nature and spirit. Spirit is energy, energy is spirit, they change form, change direction, but always exist as the basis of everything that is.

I would like also to speak to those of you who have raised their children raw. My daughter has never been to a doctor and is very sharp physically and mentally. I have concerns about forcing this life on her as she gets older, however. Of course I would love for her to make the decision on her own to stay raw, but if she's 8 and wants to eat at mcdonalds with her friends, what can I say? I just hope the thought of eating a dead animal will turn her off to cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.

There arent many of us out there, you know. Together we are a powerful group with alot of energy. I've spent time studying and practicing willful energy manipulation through meditation, fasting and psychedelics. I am convinced that it will take people like us to change this world, and I believe this change is possible. There is so much hatred, so much deception and such a lack of spirituality in the world, and it is going to lead us into destruction.

Psilocybe mushrooms are not for everyone. However they are a key for the leaders, I believe, as they bond us with nature at the deepest points of connection. The planet has spokent to me and given me a direction for my life. I think many others will take this path with me. The government and the medical community lie to us about food, prescription drugs, and electromagnetic currents, and in America they have the balls to declare beautiful works of nature illegal to posess and consume. The only way people will be able to remove their blindfolds and see the truth is by returning to a raw diet. By eating cooked food and literally feeding their brains dead energy current, they are easily swayed by the deceptions of the media.

I have begun a movement, with the help of several other leaders in a variety of necessary fields, and it has become known as the reawakening movement. The website is currently under constuction and will be operational within a month, complete with message board and lots of great links and information. I know many of you will be an important part of this reeducation of the human race.

If any of you are in the Tallahassee, Fl area and would like to ennjoy a good raw dinner, my home is always open to guests. I just moved onto 2 acres near a beautiful national forest and the beach. I have a great room in my home that can easily seat about 40-50 people, so I am trying to get a raw group together in this area. We could chat and share recipies and ideas. I also teach yoga, and have found it an invaluable addition to my ability to focus.

If any of you would like to discuss psychedelics with me but would feel mmore comfortable not posting to the entire list, please write me at I'd love to hear from you.

I'll be around, and in touch with you all.

Love, Lucidity

PS, has anyone saved any bios from this group, or is there a demographic list compiled? I would be very interested to know who you all are, of course, I'd love it very much if you would all introduce yourselves personally to me ;)

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