Natalie Sagefka

Last Updated:15 June 1999
Created on Thu, 11 Mar 1999

Greetings, I have made a masive transition to raw foods after pondering the idea for over a year. I have been adding more and more raw foods to my diet each week. I went to visit a friend in Arizona for awhile (who too is raw) and through the grace of the sun and a rest from the chaos of the east coast I have commited myself and my daughter to a diet of light. So, the inspiration is never ending, always something to keep the beat whether it be people, books, or the incredible beauty of the organic food in my favorite health food store! I love food, I am a self inspired culinary chef who services the needs of others. Raw food is the most lively and creative medium that I have been working with so far as yet. I also do a great deal in the way of graphic arts and I am studying herbal medicine-which are just some of my interests ..... the list goes on forever as I tend to be involved in many many projects at one time. Being raw is a catalyst for me to render a more refined clarity and focus into manifesting a whole process of many pieces that fit together. So far I have been feeling superb. I was (still am) expecting more of a detoxification effect , but perhaps I don't really have much to purge out. I imagine that the longer I do this the more reactions i will experience. A friend of mine had broken out with huge puss like boils all over his body. This was twenty years ago and he probably went from U.S.DIET to raw. Oh yes, I've been vegan for 5+ years and I haven't more I want to say right now. Love and Light

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