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I Have been reading your e-mails for a few months now, but have never said hello. I am 22 years old and live in northern NJ. My boyfreind, my three dogs and I are all about 80% raw with a few days here and there 100% raw. We've been doing this for about 8 months now and are feeling better then we have for a long time. I was on many medications when I started, I took 9 different medicines, totaling in about ten pills a day and 12 puffs a day total from three different inhalers. These medicines were mainly for asthma and depression. Over the past 8 months, I've been slowly getting rid of these medications. But two Months ago my health insurance was canceled, so I decided it was a god time to get rid of the remaining meds (only two left). I did keep my one inhaler (albuteral) just in case. Now here is my present problem. About two days ago I came down with a cough. It has now turned into bronchitus, at least that is what it feels like, i have not seen a doctor for fear of medications she would put me on and because of my lack of health insurance. I have been taking it easy, resting staying out of the cold weather, and doing breakfast and lunch fasts. I've been trying to do a full 24 hour fasts but my detox symptoms have been so bad from stopping all my meds, that I just have to eat something. I have been all raw though. So my question to you is do you know anything about asthma, reducing phlem, or anything else that might help me. I fear that my lungs will continue to get worse and I will end up in the hospital, where they can do nothing but pump me full of steroids. I know, I have been there at least once a year for the past six years, and have tried to refuse, but I was told it is the only thing that will work.

I thank you in advance for any info you can give me, and I'm sorry this turned out to be so long.

i wish you all well,

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