Priscilla Pontius

Last Updated:Friday, November 03, 2000
Created on Fri, 3 Nov 2000

Hi! I'm Priscilla Pontius, and I appreciate the opportunity to join this group. I became interested in diet and nutrition over 4 years ago when I sought to rid myself of excess weight and control a gastrointestinal problem.

I went on a journey of trying many diets, some of which controlled the weight, but none of which solved the GI difficulities. I finally embarked on the "Body Ecology" diet a year ago and visited a colon therapist, who told me of the living foods diet. I went for a 10 week course with Brenda Cobb here in Atlanta, and changed my lifestyle. I do not "cook" anymore, even for my partner. I control the weight as long as I exercise, and my GI problems are resolving. I love trying new recipies and gathering with other live food followers. I am still learning and am feeling healthier each passing day. I have informed my family that this is a lifestyle change for the rest of my days. They are understanding, but they are also waiting for me to find the next diet to try. Little do they know that my search has found a resting place, and I will be learning only how to do it better, not looking for another approach. I wish you all the excellent health and vitality that I am experiencing. I look forward to learning and growing with you.

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