Rex Harrill

Last Updated:15 June 1999
Created on Thu, 20 Aug 1998

This 59 y.o. widowed white subsistance farming seeker of dietary truth finds this list fascinating and would rue being kicked off. So, here is an introduction:

Step one in my personal journey was a long-ago realization that ALL drugs are toxic in that they create artifical stimulation and the body must labor to eliminate them or suffer...

Step two, almost 10 years ago, was the enlightenment that there is a VAST range of quality in all things vegetative. This range (i.e., total soluable solids) can be easily measured as Brix with a refractometer...

Step three, some 3 or 4 years ago, was a grudging admission that the poor mineral state of *available* fruits & veggies mandated the inclusion of animal products in most people's diets...

Step four---perhaps a year ago---and perhaps the most astounding: cooked food of any kind poses serious handicaps to optimum health.

Here are a few leaders I would like to thank for helping me discover what may be the right path... Professor A. F. W. Brix
Dr. Carey A. Reams
Dr. Weston Price
Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr.
Dr. William A. Albrecht
Dr. Herbert Shelton
Professor Arnold Ehret "Rear Admiral" Victor Irons
Dr. Max Gerson
Many on this list...
Thank you,
Rex Harrill

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