Last Updated:12 June 1999
Created on Fri, 30 Apr 1999


I'm new to this list and thought I'd post an introduction. My name is Rhyme. I'm 20, going to art school in San Francisco. I've been eating raw and living foods for about 2 months now (mostly -- although there have been those times I slipped and ate cooked bread) and was vegan for about two years before that. I have a dog, Samoyed, who likes bananas and raw barley :)

I began a fast today, as part of a purification for Beltane, and intend to fast through the weekend. I've never fasted longer than a day before and I was wondering, if there are any experienced fasters out there, if there's anything I should watch out for? I'll be drinking a lot of water and I am hoping to go to a march tomorrow, but besides that I'll have a restful weekend.

I hope to learn a lot on this list!

Cheers, Rhyme

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