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Salutations All! : )

A bit of introduction:

I was raised on overcooked beef and vegetables and lots of emotional abuse, etc. No wonder I was having migraines at age 5, and so on... At 13 I read about whole, natural balanced eating and factory farming. I became completely whole balanced foods vegan. However the conditions that already started within me all but completely straightened out. But there was further to go. I never took aspirin or wore glasses or contacts even though I was "supposed to," etc. I studied with DR Anne Wigmore (G-d love her) in 1990, and basically ate nothing but energy soup, organically grown fruit and fresh coconut water for almost a year, with spectacular health effects, although I didn't do the colonics. I was however still somewhat toxic. At this point however I am gratefully healthy enough, and stable enough to experiment and learn as many of the good things out there that I can, so that I can help people who are ready for different things. I always appreciated Dr Anne and understood and respected her focus. I apologize, Dr Bernarr, if throwing out the NAET idea was antagonistic to you. I am sorry. But also happy the people who never heard about it got to see the term at least so that if they chose they can look into it and hopefully help them.

Peace and Love


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