Last Updated:12 June 1999
Created on Thu, 10 Jun 1999

hello, my name is Scott. I'm slowly becoming raw more and more... I found out about all of it through "nature's first law" and I'm very excited about how it will affect me. I've been a vegetarian on and off for the past 4 years.. i'm 19 yrs old, live in Houston, Texas and work at a health food restraunt downtown. As many people that go in there that i've met, i don't believe any have even heard of rawfoodism... unfortunately... so i don't have much of a community to be with on my journey towards all raw.... i just have the internet. I was wanting some advice perhaps about what I should do since i smoke... should i stop smoking and jump on the "raw-train" all at once? or do it progressively? Also i'd like some advice to as how i should go about being all raw.. of course i have an idea as to how to do it from reading books... but

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