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Created on Fri, 24 Apr 1998

This is Suzanne. I'm interested in making contact with raw fooders in Montreal and the Netherlands. I am new to this & feel I need support. I've always loved salad so in my spiritual search, I began to find out about nutrition and read Gabriel Cousins book "Spiritual Nutrition & the Rainbow Diet" & then became a member of the Biogenic Society. But I didnn't really get into it except for salad. I tried to do a work exchange at the Ann Wigmore Institute years ago but was informed that I first had to do their coouse.

At the time I couldn't afford to travel there, pay for accomadation & the course so I dropped it. I worked for a sprouting company & had great lunches & once worked on an organic farm & 2 days after I arrived the farm manager quit so I was in charge of the biodome greenhouse which is what I went there to learn about. Now I need a support group. A few weeks ago I went to the Ann Wigmore Institute in P.R.(because I got tired of eating the same salad all the time) where I learned more but I live in a small place, not much kitchen space, etc and would like to have people who I can talk to about this & even prepare food with, especially some of the more elaborate receipes. I'm also interested in the environment & while working for the Sustainable Development Assn. worked on & just completed (with the group) a green map for Montreal, the fifth green map on the planet. :-)

I look forward to communicating with others who are on a raw food diet. I speak Dutch and French & of course English. Thank you. In Love and Light, Suzanne

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