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Created on Sat, 12 Apr 1997


I am ecstatic to have found there are intelligent folks out there that actually living what I have read and practiced for the last five years. My best raw food friends have been authors of health books; the best example would be Dr. Norman Walker who lived to 117 years old with sound mind and body.

It was from reading FIT FOR LIFE and Dr. Norman Walker's books that kept me on my course after I changed my disease eating habits. I was bombarded with negative concerns and the threats of inevitable death from family and friends, but who can argue with the proof of Dr. Walker. He kept me smiling at the ignorance of family and friends who were living the unexamed life. They took life for granted and accepted whatever the experts told them without questions. That is the greatest tragedy of life.

I am not an evangelist for raw food eating; people have the freedom to choose whatever quality of life they want and when they are ready, the wisdom from within will guide them. I will not take that experience from anyone by spoon feeding them. Like the old saying goes,"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Those friends and family who were concerned about my health have stopped bombarding and begin supporting and following some of my eating habits. I never thought this would be possible five years ago! I am always open for better ways to improve and to live this glorious life on earth.

I welcome compassionate communication from raw fooders and especially from female raw fooders in their twenties. I am looking for friendships and relationship that will last and grow for the next 100 years and more!

With love and passion to live,

WilliHW ---

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