Last Updated: Friday, May 18, 2001
Created on Fri, 4 May 2001

Hello name is Doug here. 3 months ago I heard Dr Day on the radio. she talked about a book called the Bodys many cries for water. I bought the book and two of her videos. Started drinking a gallon and a half of water a day. Now before that I had both my legs and feet swelled up. I had so much pain for years I went to the doctors they all told me I just needed to lose weight. Then they would give me pills and more pills. Not one of them ever asked me if I was getting enough water. Well after one month of drinking all that water all the swelling and pain was gone then I went on a Fast for 7 days then started eating Raw fruits and veggies. Well it is 3 months now and I have gone from 445 to 385 lbs 60 lbs lost!!! Wow I am back on my feet now again too. After not being able to walk real far for years without pain. All at once I found my own cure. Well Now that I am eating this way I feel fantastic and I am not about to stop. The weight just keeps coming off without any problem. I eat all I want and feel fine. No more counting calories. Now that part I like. Well anyway I thought this would be a good place to get support so here I am thank you Doug....

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