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Created on Sat, 23 Sep 2000

Something I discovered about honesty is, the honesty that we human beings perceive in our minds, as in when we intellectually know something is true or untrue, is only the tip of the iceberg of real complete honesty. There is more to it than just intellectual honesty.

I learnt that my nervous system and sensory organs are like the communications system of the human being, both looking externally into the world and also looking internally into oneself. I learnt that I could have the purest interlectual/moral motives, yet if my physical nervous system and senses were grossed out, dulled out and distorted, then despite my best attempts at being honest, I simply couldn't be. And the reason is, if the nervous system distorts the impressions from the outside and from inside myself, then truth is literally being distorted and without truth it is impossible to be honest.

For example, when I eat heavy foods that are not suited to my body, eventually my body becomes so dull and gross that I simply can't see the happiness in people, or see the sparkle in their eyes, or see the sweetness of the smile on their lips, nor understand the beauty of the bird's song, nor understand the gentleness of the breeze in the leaves of the tree etc. And when I can't see these ever present 'truths' of life that are all around me and inside me, then my perception of life is distorted, it is reduced, is cut off, therefore it is darker, lonelier, less happy, less beautiful and therefore it is less true and less honest.

So if someone were to come up to me and ask, "how do I look, do I look attractive and beautiful", well there is a very good chance my senses literally will not be able to see the beauty that is 'truly' that person.

So my mind will say, "oh I must be 100% honest with that person and tell them my real opinion on how they look". So I tell them honestly they look rather drab, uninteresting and ordinary. Intellectually I think I am being 100% honest, and intellectually I AM being 100% honest, but the big bulk of what is most important is NOT my intellect, but IS my 'sensory impressions'. Because if my sensory impressions of that person are grossed out, distorted and corrupted, then despite my 100% intellectual honesty, my perception of that person is NOT the truth of that person, so it is a lie and I am actually living a perceptual lie!

Conversely, when my nervous system and sensory organs are clear, sensitive and quiet and not distorting impressions from within and impressions from without, then and only then can I see the true happiness shining from the eyes of people around me and see the true happiness of a person's smile and see the true beauty in each and every person and understand the subtle meaning of the shape and texture of a tree etc.

And when my senses are clear and receptive like this, if that same person comes to me and says, "please tell me, how do I look, do I look attractive and beautiful?", when I look at them, my senses are capable of seeing the shine of happiness in their eyes and seeing the beauty on their smiling lips and seeing the happiness of their emotions and understanding their body movements and when I can see all these things about that person which are truly there, then I can honestly say, "yes, you look very beautiful to me, and I enjoy looking at your face and looking into your eyes and I enjoy watching your expressions too".

And this time my honestly is more complete, because I am not only being intellectually honest with that person, but also very importantly my physical senses and nervous system are being honest because they are not distorting and filtering the impressions I receive and therefore I am seeing the person as they more truly are, ie beautiful! [Also this is not just concept for me, for I have changed my diet from pure raw diet, to heavy cooked diet, dozens and dozens of times during the past 13 years while trying to find a diet which helps me recover from back injury. And in the process, I have literally seen my perceptions of the world, open up and become sensitive to beauty and gentlenss when I eat light raw food, and close down and become dulled and incapable of seeing beauty and gentleness when I eat heavy cooked grains and beans etc. So this is not theoretical concept I am talking about, but actual experience of life]

The reason why I wanted to say this, is because the interview from Brad Blanton on being Radically Honest, is only talking about intellectual honesty and according to my understanding, intellectual honesty without simultaneous honesty/accuracy of the nervous system and sensory organs (ie physical purity), is not honesty at all, but is actually a self delusion and is bound to cause BIG problems. The type of honesty Brad Blanton is talking about, is only a shallow kind of honesty, it is the outer husk and appearance of honesty.

It is kind of like looking out at the world wearing blurry dark glasses and taking a look at a beautiful woman or beautiful man who is standing in front of you. This woman or man in front of you may be the most beautiful person in the world, but they won't look beautiful to you because your vision is dulled and blurry, dark and distorted by the glasses. So if you tell them they look dull and ordinary to you, interlectually you will be telling them the 100% truth, but in actual fact, you will be telling a major lie, because in reality they are truly beautiful and the lack of beauty you see is not in them, but is due to your glasses which filter and distort reality. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

I don't think many people are aware of this deeper aspect of honesty. It is something I learned for myself as my body became pure from eating raw foods and fasting. I saw that my perceptions of life became much more subtle, sensitive and clear and I could see the beauty, gentleness and sublty of life. With this kind of clear sensitive physical nervous system and sensory organs, all life truly looked beautiful and I enjoyed life honestly.

So after experiencing this changes within myself, I realized that there is much more to honesty that just intellectual honesty, there is also purity and integrity of the physical body and it's nervous system and sensory organs. Honesty is all that.

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