Last Updated:15 June 1999
Created on Sun, 24 May 1998

Hi, I'm John and I'm new to this list. I've been lurking for the last few months. I have noticed a different spirit on this list than on others I have been on. It shows that you care for each other. Even when you debate, you do it in a loving spirit. Could it be the raw food?

About my self. I was on SAD until about age 30. Fruit was only to been enjoyed if it were baked in a pie or pastry with lots of sugar. Vegetables were only a side dish (when required by mom) and were cooked until mushy. For the last 4 years I have been adding more raw fruits and vegetables to my diet. I have been basically vegetarian for the last year and my goal is to go raw.

I have some questions. I have found that when I go all raw that my body rebels after about 3/4 days and I go on a cooked food binge. Even after that short period of time my energy level is up, my mental clarity is better, and I sleep less. But then the cravings overwhelm me. Any suggestions on how to get through this?

Has anyone tried colonics in conjunction with changing to a raw food diet? Does it help alleviate the symptoms of the detox?

How do you tell the difference between cravings and body intelligence telling you what to eat?


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