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Last Updated: Monday, November 20, 2000
Created on Sat, 18 Nov 2000

I just joined this list a couple of days ago after over a year of struggling w/food. The summer before last I was about 80% raw and felt absolutely wonderful. That August I began craving meat and just gave in.

I have been struggling with food issues ever since and eating meat, dairy, sugar & other refined carbohydrates. Well, my health has deteriorated to the point where I could hardly move. The Naval Hospital had started doing blood work because the last test came back abnormal and they are looking to find "connective tissue disease". I was in so much pain and I was taking 2 to 3-- 800 mg. Motrin a day. I could hardly move because the pain was so bad. Every day I would tell myself that I would stop eating the garbage--especially the sugar. But, I just couldn't seem to stop and would think well I'll eat this today and tomorrow I will start. I have gained back all the weight that I lost last year and then some. And, I was 100 lbs. overweight then. I don't think that I have ever felt so unhealthy. I really felt like I was dying -- until yesterday morning. For some reason it just clicked. I decided to not take any more Motrin and I have been raw since. I was thinking about fasting but I just don't think that I have the energy for it right now. I am so grateful to a good friend that I met online who has encouraged me for a long time and suggested this group to me. (((hugs)))

So, today I am raw--along with yesterday--I don't even have any cravings. None. My elbow which I could hardly bend and could hardly hold anything in my right hand because it was so painful is 80% better. But, I still have the pain in my left heel. X-rays showed a heel spur that looks like a big hook. I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone has on how to get rid of this thing. Even when I was raw my feet hurt--but nothing like this. I use to walk between two & four 10 km. volksmarches (walks) each week and I would walk an hour in my neighborhood on the other days. My feet have hurt so badly since last spring that I haven't been able to walk.

I am really enjoying this list and all the knowledge that you all have shared.

Lynn in Silver Spring, MD

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