Apple Pie

Last Updated:Sat, 21 Dec 1997
Written Thu, 27 Nov 1997 by Ryan Cormney

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving,
Our first raw food thanksgiving was a success. We made some good recipes, a big salad and a GREAT DESSERT! Pretty basic and easy to make, I'll include the recipe for everyone to enjoy(similar to others, or maybe different?)

Heather's Amazing Apple pie

(serves 3 or more depending on if you eat as much as I did!)


Mix in a food processor w/ spread thin(or thick, make more than above) on plate



I can't say enough about these two, they were made to be together. Well they went together today!

Everything is great here in San Antonio. We're looking into getting a place where we can have a garden and get out of the apartment world.

One more appliance is on my christmas list: DEHYDRATOR, Anybody know the best affordable one?

Hope everyone is enjoying a raw thanksgiving and in good company. Heather's mom came down and she enjoyed everything. She's cool, and very open to our lifestyle. It's a wonderful life, can't wait to have our first raw christmas!

This is a year of many firsts, and it won't be my last!

love to everyone, ryan

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