Sprout Black Rice

Last Updated:03 Dec 96

Written 25 Sep 1996

Yes rice can be eaten sprouted. We enjoy using Black long grain wild rice it is actualy a seed not a grain. The process we use is soak 1-2 cups of rice in a half gallon jar for 13 hrs. then we rinse and drain it. We rinse drain and sprout it for 5 to 8 Days until the seed splits down the middle and a white line appears (the length of sprouting time may vary based on climatic factors). The rice remains slightly firm and crunchy yet the outer coating is softer and the enzyme inhibitors have been broken down and rice is begining to grow.

This processs may also be used with other forms of rice although the flavors vary I have found that the brown rices when sprouted are slightly bitter and bland unlike the Wild rice which has a wonderfly sweet flavor.

Peace Jeremy

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