Fresh Cranberry Salad

Last Updated:Sat, 21 Dec 1997

Written Tue, 2 Dec 1997 by Tammy Young

Herbal Vinegarette

mix in a jar and keep in frig
* Real salt is a product made from fossilized unheated, untreated mineral salts from Utah. I bought mine at the farmer's market. This is the only salt recommended by Dr. Norman Walker.

Tomato Avacado


Carrot garlic

Beet vinegarette

Lately this has been a favorite of mine
Juice a beet and add just a touch of apple cider vinegar (yummmy)

Happy salad making:)

Written Wed, 3 Dec 1997 by Tammy Young

Dearest friends,

I realize at this time of year, with holiday gatherings, it is difficult to socialize and stay raw. Therefore, I would like to offer my own passive aggressive method for dealing with this issue.

My mother, and the majority of my family, don't know what to do about my raw lifestyle. When we get together for gatherings my mom says, "well, I'm going to make XYZ for everyone, but you'll need to bring your own because I don't know what you eat". I tell her that making me something is as easy as putting a basket of fruit on the table. But she is still intemidated. So, for Thanksgiving I decided to show her what it was to eat raw and socialize.

Below are the dishes I took.


I took a variety of the dried fruit and nuts we had and put them in bowls around the house. The house was full of those addictive food smells and people were prowling around like hyenas on the hunt. When I put out the nibblers everyone dove in. They soon discovered they weren't salted or sugared. But they ate them anyway. Little did they know that I was jump starting their pancreas for the onslaught of toxic food to come (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn bread...). Pretty sneaky huh?:)

Fruit salad

I took the juice of one lemon and put it in a large bowl with dried currents, cranberries, white rasins, and chopped pecans. I allowed the fruit to soak up the juice while I did the following. I peeled and sectioned grapefruit and oranges, letting the juice drip into the bowl with the lemon juice. Cut up a few different types of apples (red del., granny smith, macintosh) Cut up a few different types of grapes (globe, concord, white) Then mixed the whole thing up It is colorful and sweet and when placed at the front of the buffet (right next to the plates) people put so much on their plate they don't have much room for the rest of the junk.

The BIG Salad

I take all kinds of greens (dandilion, mesculin, baby spinach, red lettuce, green lettuce, ice burg, boston...) I wanted people to see what they were used to and some stuff they weren't Then I went wild, adding corn, red/green cabbage, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, scallions, shallots, carrots, herbs (dill, parsley, thyme, cilantro) and whatever was in the frig. I put it in a large glass bowl so there were layers of color. People were so attracted to it. Again, it was near the front of the feed line:)

A Better Carrot Salad

Dried fruit (cranberries, currents, rasins, cherries, dates) Juice one orange Put in container to allow fruit to soak up juice 5 Carrots grated (I grate some thin and some medium and some thick) Chop 1/4-1/2 cup assorted nuts (pecans, almonds, walnuts) mix together and put in frig for a few hours to allow all the great flavors to make love to each other =:o For those with sweet tooths (is that a word?) you can add a little honey too. But be forwarned, the carrots and fruit make it really sweet already.

I have lots of other passive aggressive ideas too. Like veggie sticks and raw hummas dip, tomato avocado basil open faced sandwiches, almond stuffed dates, fruit kobabs, and the list goes on.

Make your holidays a time to introduce others to the joy of a raw lifestyle. You can also make a non-alcoholic bunch that will show them that it's great to be sober!!!

Love all of you and have a great time,

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